Mister Avid Draws

"Us & Our Friends"

Dog friends, Food friends & others. From sketch to final heartwork : )


My sister recently got married & this dog just marched alongside them. He was very formal.


Our aunt Hannah got married last week & we family dogs not got to go but we sent canine representative to give our blessings & walk them :)

Inferior venna cava.

Inferior venna cava.

In your dreams 
you know how to fly
& you try to remmember…
One step up in the air
and you’re halfway there
take another & you fall
were you ever able 
to fly at all?
I wonder & I wonder
& I am
so suddenly sullen
Has anyone heard a song 
written by raindrops?
or met a person made of sunsets?
I want a dog 
who can spell pro nouns backwards
I want inspiration
in the form of lightning
I want to change reality 
with an idea
or witness the violence
of beautiful homicidal smile
I want to be as special
as the moment when street lamps
light up… all at the same time.

(An old poem I wrote from a time when I thought I could write poems)

An anti hazing piece.

An anti hazing piece.

It’s the best EPIC EVER!

It’s the best EPIC EVER!

From rough to final… scenes from a short film our studio is working on :)

A story of a boy & a cat.

Cat & Dog love <3

A wonderful project that I recently directed for Purina.

I am so proud to be a part of this project. Everyone involved, from the ad agency, to the production team to the brand, all put their brains & hearts into this. It was such a great collaboration : )

I recently directed this ad that had human dolphins&#160;: )Check it out&#160;: )

I recently directed this ad that had human dolphins : )

Check it out : )

Doodle animations from a music video that our studio made a few months ago :)

Check out the video here

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Avocadog - acrylic, guache &amp; graphite on canvass.Hello

Avocadog - acrylic, guache & graphite on canvass.

Sometimes I want to ask “Why are you folks having conversations on your Facebook wall when you live in the same house?”

Religous art : )

I overheard a posh lady at the resort the other day say “Oh it’s Lent, I’ll just have Salmon steak for lunch” I wanted to say “Salmon costs more than porkchops, the whole point of Lent is sacrifice and simplicity” but I didn’t say anything because I’m not even Catholic and I also wanted to eat Salmon :P

Now more than ever.